The impact assessment training was organized for nearly 500 government officials. The training was coordinated by the  Impact Assessment Unit of the Ministry of Public Administration and Justice in September 2011, as part of the ’Rationalization of the law-making process’ project bearing the code ÁROP 1.1.10.

Based on the attendance registers, 493 people attended the seminar training day and 421 people attended the presentation’s days. The speciality of the course was that government officials were involved as lecturers.  23 employees of three ministries (Ministry of Public Administration and Justice, Ministry for National Economy, Ministry of Rural Development) and a background institution (National Institute for Health Development) participated in the education and the related curriculum development. 

The government officials who attended to the training had the opportunity to evaluate both the presentations and the efficiency of instructors. On grounds of the received feedback  it can be concluded that participants deemed the course unique compared to other recent trainings. 

159 people (32 % of the participants) who attended the seminars and 138 people (also 32 % of the participants) who attended the lectures had completed the conference questionnaires. The evaluations indicate that teachers got at least rate 4 (i.e. good) from students. 

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